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                         SPRING 2014 NEWS!                             

Clearfield Student Musicians Shine

Two student musicians from Clearfield Elementary have proudly represented the Orioles at several events this spring. On March 5, Niko Estrella performed a xylophone solo at the Creston Elementary/Middle School Solo/Ensemble Contest  
and earned a "I” (Excellent) rating.  On Tuesday March 11, Niko was joined by Hunter Morgan to sing in the SWIowa Choral Directors Association Elementary/Middle School Honor Choir Festival in Treynor.  The festival featured the 5th and 6thgrade choir under the direction of Jennifer Wagner and the 7th and 8th grade choir under the direction of Lucas Johnson, and culminated in a concert that night.“These two young men spent much extra time in and out of school rehearsing and preparing for these events,” commented Clearfield Music Educator Julia Weisshaar-Mullin.  “All of us at Clearfield School are very proud of their hard work and dedication and their good representation of all the students at our school!”

Clearfield School will present the annual Spring Fine Arts Program Thursday May 8 at 6:30pm in the school gym.  This is the final program of the school year and will feature award winning artwork and music performances from all Clearfield students musicians.

     2014 Corning Art Contest Award Winners!     
Clearfield students are known in Southwest Iowa for winning multiple honors at area art shows and competitions.  Clearfield student artists always have an excellent showing at the annual Corning Art Contest, and this year was no exception.  Our Oriole artists earned HIGHEST honors! 
   Click HERE to see the 2014 award winning art gallery!  

The award ceremony was held at the Corning Center of Fine Art on March 8 2014. Students who participated were: Niko Estrella, Emma Cunningham, Hunter Morgan, WilliamO’Connor, Aiden Eggert, Max Harban, Mariah Cruz, Brayden BergerKeegan Smith, Shayla Berger, Emily Fletchall, Genesis Vasquez, Kaizer Smith, and Ella Harban.
Artwork was judged based on four criteria: 
Creativity, Composition, Technique, and Originality.  "I told my students they have earned bragging rights for doing so well," commented Clearfield Art Educator, Diana Larson.  "There was some exceptionally artistic student art work this year in the
K-5th grade levels. Only two purple Merit Awards were given to all K-5 grades for the sixth schools that entered, and Clearfield received both of them!"  

Award winners with Mrs. Larson, from left: Hunter Morgan, Genesis Vasquez, Shayla Berger, Brayden Berger.
                                 Award winners not available for this photo:  Max Harban, Ella Harban, William O'Connor

Clearfield brought home eight awards in total, which is extraordinary considering only one first place, one second, and one third place is given to each grade level for all six schools participating.  

Orioles say "Namaste" to India!

On February 28, the Orioles traveled to India! Students studied and prepared for 2 weeks, and when our NWMSU Indian ambassadors arrived, we impressed them with our knowledge of many things Indian.

Our visitors started with an overview of the rich historical and cultural heritage of India, and touched on architecture, geography, resources, modern society,
and customs.


Next we went
to the gym for a demonstration of the most popular game in India, CRICKET! Everyone took turns "bowling" (pitching) and hitting, and running between the wickets.

After everyone ha
d a chance to hit the ball, we hit the floor and joined in some hip and crazy Bollywood dance moves!

In the cafeteria, students enjoyed sampling several Indian dishes.  Since India is overwhelmingly Hindi, most of the cuisine is vegetarian.  Some of us were surprised by the rich spicy flavors of curry and chilies, the sweet chai, and the softness of naan bread. 

At team time, we enjoyed another round of cricket, and played Kabbadda!  Thank you to our NWMSU visitors and our Clearfield staff for help in making our virtual journey to India.

****************FALL  2013 Awesome Oriole News!!****************

Students journey to see DMMO production: "AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS!"
December 6, Our K-5 students were special guests at a final dress rehearsal of the Des Moines Metro Opera production of "Amahl and the Night Visitors" at Hoyt Sherman Place!  In the week prior to the performance, students studied the music and the story of "Amahl".  Their previous exposure to opera
through the OPERA IOWA visit last spring laid the groundwork for a deeper appreciation and understanding of the show.  "Amahl" is a holiday classic, a one-act opera sung in English, originally composed by Gian Carlo Menotti for NBC TV broadcast in 1951.  Our students were superb travelers and audience
After the performance we all enjoyed a picnic in the beautiful art gallery at Hoyt Sherman Place. As we sat and enjoyed our surroundings, everyone shared excellent observations and comments about their enjoyment of every aspect of the performance; the live orchestra and voices, costumes, acting, dancing, set, props and lighting, and the beatiful theatre and holiday decorations!     The trip was a wonderful surprise holiday gift to our students and staff, enjoyed by all!

Orioles made our annual visit to the Clearfield firehouse for a review of fire safety, a tour of the firehouse and equipment, and a ride around town on the fire engine!!!
Our Our preschoolers were amazed at how BIG the fire engine is!! (and how LOUD!!)

Good-day Mates!  Clearfield goes to AUSTRALIA!
Clearfield students will travel the world this year, making virtual visits around the globe.  Our first adventure was September 20 to AUSTRALIA!  We opened our morning with a skype conversation with Ms. Allyson Watts of Melbourne, Australia.  It was
"Good-day mate!" to us, but "Goodnight" to Allyson, as she was heading off to bed!  Next we explored Australian music, aboriginal art, games, and food.  
World Traveler Alan Moln was one of our guides along the way, telling us about his journey to the "Land Down Under"!  Mr. Brown accompanied the students as the students played the didgeridoo (an Australian Aboriginal musical instrument) and sang "Tie Me Kangaroo Down" and "Waltzing Matilda". 
Next we explored some traditional Australian Aboriginal art and sport.  With markers, students created art in the "dreamtime" style.  With Mr. Moln's help and guidance, all the students had some practice throwing the boomerang. 

All day, students had the opportunity to discover Australian slang in the word walls posted all over the school.  Ask a Clearfield student if they've ever talked on the "blower",  or worn "wellies" in the rain, or eaten a "goog" for "brekkie", if they like "biscuits", if any of their "rellies" are "wrinklies", if they've ever visited a "fang carpenter", or if any of their "mates" get in trouble with the "chalkie" when they "play sillybuggers" !!

(find the answers at bottom of this article!)

Last on our journey, we all sampled food that is familiar to Australian children! 
We tasted ANZAC biscuits (Australian-NewZealand Army Core cookies!) damper bread, mango liquorice, macademia nuts, fairy bread, and VEGEMITE!  The taste of Vegemite was unlike anything our Orioles had ever experienced, and it elicited some very strong reactions from everyone at Clearfield School......!!

We're very thankful to everyone who helped make our first virtual world trip a success!! We're already looking forward to our next journey.  Where in the world will we visit next??!!

Vocabulary answers
: blower=telephone, wellies=rainboots, goog=egg, brekkie=breakfast, biscuits=cookies, rellies=relatives, wrinklies=senior citizens, fang carpenter=dentist, mates=friends, chalkie=teacher, sillybuggers=goofing off

    Clearfield School playground gets a make-over!!!   
Our very own Lyndell Davis headed up a complete renovation of our playground in September!  First, she guided all our elementary children in wiping down and buffing all the playground equipment.  Next, Ms. Davis and her friend Debby Brumfield proceeded to prime and paint the train, benches, and playground equipment.  Note the "409" on both sides of the train; this is the official state school number of Clearfield Elementary School.  The benches were set in concrete and a "C" barn quilt was added.  New plastic covers will be installed on the submarine this spring.  A picture of the finished train can be seen at the top of this webpage!


If you haven't seen it yet, come sit on a swing, slide down a slide, relax on a newly painted bench, and appreciate how truly beautiful our
playground is!